Shando Dewshining

Nobleman, Ranger


Eladrin, tall, athletic, slender


The Party met Shando in the Glimmerwoods in the shadow of Dark Arrow Keep. He does not reveal his true identity to them at this time, preferring to determine their motivation and reasons for being in their.

When they are attacked the Party save his life and return him to his home town. At this point Shando reveals himself to the party to be a Nobleman in Silverymoon.

He is in fact one of three prominent families who advise the appointed leader of Silverymoon, Taern “Thunderspell” Hornblade.

He is to be wed to a Deva Princess, Alandra in a union that will make the his family even more powerful within the city and the surrounding area. It is anticipated that the the joining of their two houses will have an effect on the local balance between the cities three prominent families.

Shando Dewshining

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