Manuscript: The Royale Bludd


A small, crumpled piece of parchment one edge looks to have been bound as though it came from an old book.

On it is written the words:

“Here details the last days of the free peoples of ”/campaign/the-demon-forge-storm-and-chain/wikis/The%20Baerlorn/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>The Baerlorn before the coming of the Tide of Bludd.

It was as a gateway unto the ending of the earth, the flood of forces. They had attacked before but never so brazen; never in such numbers. A force totalling scores of men. If I can indeed call them men.

The bodies horribly disfigured. Tortured visages of humanoid life; they forced their way through to our domain.

The red sun dripping in blood emblazened across their banners they march ever forward across our lands.

Talk was of an event; one so catastophic it shattered the fabric of time itself. An instant where the furious armies, who’s sporadic attacks where being pushed back, suddenly swelled and unleashed forth into The Baelorn.

A trinket began it. It’s beauty decieving the eye from the great power within. Tis said that from the very heart of the exilarchy this rune of bludd fell. Ripped from him when the days for him were snuffed out. The heart of a king is ever this way. Hard as diamonds, a jewel in the chest of a noble breed. Tainted though it was by his hatred, The Amulet of The Fallen Prince endures to this day.

May the Gods protect those that lay eyes on it for the power of this trinket should not to be taken lightly."


Our party finds the parchment on their travels, but will they heed it words?

Manuscript: The Royale Bludd

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