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The Demon-Gods of The Elemental Chaos have learned that the powers of the Gods of The Astral Sea are weakening along with their own powers. The air stirs an awakening that defies history and memory. After the devastation wrought by the Speelplague none could have imagined the threats to follow.

The Natural Realm is taking precedence and soon they will bleed together and become one. The Demons and Gods will be powerless, able to be picked off easily by the natural beings. In a bold move they have gone on the offensive. Striking at small settlements and outposts through their followers in the Shadowfell; the size of their targets is now growing. Their plan to take what they can, while they can and destroy the Gods and anyone who gets in their way.

In response a fracture of the Gods has arisen to challenge the leadership of ruling council. Politics, rivalry and murder are rife. Trouble not seen on the shores of the Astral Sea for millenia. With an uncertain future some Gods have begun to question the fealty of their flock imposing ever greater burdens to prove their devotion.

Despite this information being generally common knowledge there are few who take it seriously. Too involved in their own affairs to bother with those of the Gods and certainly not the Demon-Gods. In many eyes they are as bad as each other, sticking their nose into other peoples affairs where they are not wanted and expecting gifts and offerings in return.

Little reported is the knowledge of the Seers and Elders. Should the Gods and Demons lose there power they will not be able to bestow powers on the Natural Beings, the source of their magic. A Great Storm, that blots the sky, is brewing in the West. Present in all planes it will destroy the boundaries and erase the current order.

Do you stand and fight or cower in darkness awaiting your fate?

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